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Step by Step Guide on How to Apply Makeup Daily

Learning how to apply makeup is not as easy as it seems, and watching complicated YouTube tutorials can only make it more confusing. However, the following detailed guide will work correctly for you. Applying makeup in the right procedure, in terms of what comes first, and what follows to help you achieve the desired result. It helps the different products blend correctly, making you look attractive.

For the desired result, ensure you buy quality beauty products recommended by a cosmetologist. A professional skincare provider helps you identify your skin type, skin tone, and suggests what products would work for your skin. Consider the following makeup beginner’s outline to layering your makeup, step by step:

Apply Moisturizer or a Primer

Using a moisturizing cream before makeup helps all the products and powders you apply on top sink into the skin. It makes your makeup look less cakey. If you want the dewy makeup look, spray your face with mist-like moisturizer and then massage an illuminating primer.

Fill in the Brows

Brows can be time-consuming, hence need much attention to avoid unevenly filled in brows. Firstly, use a pencil to fill in sparse areas with hair-like strokes. Add some powder or pomade to define the ends of your eyebrows, where there is no hair. Finally, lock it in with a gel.

Apply Foundation

A great tip to remember when applying foundation is to focus on areas that you want to even out, leaving the rest of the face foundation-free. Apply the foundation starting at the center of your face, around the nose, eyes, and on the forehead. However, leave the areas around the jawline only lightly covered. It prevents you from getting brown makeup stains everywhere when you put your hands on the chin throughout the day. It would be best if you used a sponge or brush to apply your foundation.

Cover Dark Spots with Concealer

It would help if you layer on the concealereye makeup after the foundation to ensure your makeup blends and that you do not overdo it. The method works best because it gives you the brightening, especially for those with purplish-black dark circles. It would help if you used a shade that is a bit lighter than your foundation under your eyes.

Add Eyeshadow

For a beginner, it is best if you pick one shade that reflects your outfit or mood and put it over your lids. When you become a pro, you can play around with several shadow colors. Finish off the eye look with eyeliner. Use a sharp eyeliner pencil to outline your waterline.

If you want to take it a notch higher, you can add blush to your cheeks, then apply a highlighter and finish off with a shade of lipstick you desire.

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